I love the absurdities in life. Things that we ignore ,assume or rather take for granted but they still affect us in our daily life. Life is full of mysteries and as long as we narrow down and look deeper with a third eye into these mysterious occurrences, we might live to suffer on our very own account.

On this site, you will find out that the things that people take for granted actually do matter a lot. For example, one can ignore a call on an account of being busy or just address the call as being a botherĀ  only to discover later that the call was meant to convey an important information like a medical emergency or even a job offer! You might procrastinate in your duties just to prove that no one needs to tell you to do anything; in the end you find yourself in the last minute rush with lots of workload to be done before deadline strikes.

In conclusion, Life is all about happenings and choices. Sometimes you may be overwhelmed and find yourself asking, “Why did this have to happen?” If you make the right choices and take every detail into consideration, you will find yourself on the right track, always be aware of your life, yourself and others; nothing will ever pass you.

Every thing happens with a reason if only we search for it diligently!

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